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Name:Hunter Bradley
Hunter is a tall young man of 20, very solidly built from years of Thunder Ninja training. His muscle isn't very obvious as he is very lean which goes with his height. Dirty blond hair falls unkept around his ears in a longish cut, being constanly swept out of brooding gray eyes, which can turn firece at a moment's notice. Hunter moves with a practiced grace, again from his ninja training and is very comfortable in his own skin, giving an air of almost arrogance. His smile is sarcastic and snarp to those he doesn't know, but relaxed and almost goofy to those he allows close enough to see the real Hunter.

Personal Inventory:
Single strap backpack (black with crimson accents)
Front Pocket-
Wallet containing a single bank card, his student ID, driver’s license, motorcycle license, a twenty dollar bill and three pennies.
Storm Chargers key ring with the key to his apartment at the academy, his office, Storm Chargers (place he works part time as a bike mechanic) and the lock on his motocross bike.
Cell Phone- Power level: Dead
Main Pocket-
Spiral Notebook, the Green Samurai and Crimson Ninja symbols doodled all over the cover
Mechanical pencil
Ball-point pen, black ink
Beginning Business Finance textbook
College Statistics textbook
Ancient Japanese textbook
Motocross magazine
Pair of crimson accented black Entes sneakers
Pair of men’s jeans
Crimson long sleeved t-shit

On person-
Leather training pants and teaching gai, accented with crimson with the Crimson Ninja symbol on the breast
Black t-shit under ninja leathers
Mid-calf black leather boots
Crimson boxer briefs
Crimson morpher on right wrist, no longer operative but used as a communication device with other Ninja Storm morphers

Hunter shows up on the island a year after his season, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, is over, and a week after the Ninja Storm/Dino Thunder crossover during the Dino Thunder season. So essentaily half way through Dino Thunder in the spring of 2004

I am not Hunter Bradley or Adam Tuominen nor do I own Power Rangers. The great mouse does and I assume Adam owns himself. At least I hope so. This is an RPG journal for [info]the_blank_slate and is purely for fun.

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